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Results of a Multicentre Survey Evaluating Clinical Practice of Port and Broviac Management in Paediatric Oncology. pädiatrisch-onkologischen Behandlungszentren.

This service is more advanced with JavaScript available, learn more at http: Paget-von-Schroetter-Syndrom bei einer V. Es betrifft typischerweise junge, aktive, ansonsten gesunde Patienten. Allgemeiner Behandlungszentren Thrombophlebitis ist, dass die Kombinationstherapie aus kathetergestützter Thrombolyse, Antikoagulation, Dekompressionsoperation und Rehabilitation erfolgreich ist.

Obwohl keine prospektive randomisierte Studienlage zur Behandlung des Krankheitsbildes vorliegt, sind die Behandlungsempfehlungen allgemein konsentiert. Thoracic inlet syndrome, also known as the Paget-Schroetter syndrome, Behandlungszentren Thrombophlebitis, occurs due to thrombosis of the subclavian vein and is a rare form of thoracic outlet syndrome.

It typically presents in young, Behandlungszentren Thrombophlebitis, active and otherwise healthy adults. The general consensus is that combined treatment involving catheter-assisted thrombolysis, anticoagulation therapy, Behandlungszentren Thrombophlebitis decompression and rehabilitation is the most successful approach. Although prospective randomized trials addressing treatment of this entity are lacking, there is general consensus on the treatment recommendations, Behandlungszentren Thrombophlebitis.

Authors Authors and affiliations T. Bürger Email author E. Hintergrund Das Thoracic-inlet-Syndrom Synonym: Fragestellung Wie sind die Behandlungsabläufe? Ergebnisse Allgemeiner Konsens ist, Behandlungszentren Thrombophlebitis, dass die Kombinationstherapie aus kathetergestützter Thrombolyse, Golfs von venösen Beingeschwüren, Dekompressionsoperation und Rehabilitation erfolgreich ist.

Schlussfolgerungen Obwohl keine prospektive randomisierte Studienlage zur Behandlung des Krankheitsbildes vorliegt, sind die Behandlungsempfehlungen allgemein konsentiert. Thrombosis of the subclavian vein in thoracic inlet syndrome. Background Thoracic inlet syndrome, Behandlungszentren Thrombophlebitis, also known as the Paget-Schroetter syndrome, occurs due to thrombosis of the subclavian vein and is a rare form of thoracic outlet syndrome.

Objective What are the treatment options and procedures? Results The general consensus is that combined treatment involving catheter-assisted thrombolysis, anticoagulation therapy, operative decompression and rehabilitation is the most successful approach. Conclusion Although prospective randomized trials addressing treatment of this entity are lacking, there is general consensus on the treatment recommendations.

Can J Surg Bürger Th Armarterien in Behandlungszentren Thrombophlebitis B. Ann Vasc Surg 2: Behandlungszentren Thrombophlebitis Vasc Surg Epidemilogy, risk factors, recurrence risk, and mortality. Koury JP, Burke CT Endovascular management of acute upper extremity deep venous thrombosis and the use of superior vena cava filters.

Semin Intervent Radiol Eur J Vasc Surg 2: Persson LM, Arnhjort T, Larfars G, Rosfors S Hemodynamic and morphologic evaluation of sequelae of primary Behandlungszentren Thrombophlebitis extremity deep venous thromboses treated with anticoagulation. Roos DB Transaxillary approach for first rib resection to relieve thoracic outlet Behandlungszentren Thrombophlebitis. Rutherford RB Primary subclavian-axillary vein thrombosis: Semin Vasc Surg J Cardiovasc Surg Torino A case report and review of the literature.

Cardiovasc Intervent Radiol Thompson RW Venous thoracic outlet syndrome: Oper Tech Gen Surg Thompson RW Comprehensive management of subclavian vein effort thrombosis, Behandlungszentren Thrombophlebitis. Ann Thorac Surg Bürger 1 Email author E. Cite article How to cite? Cookies We use cookies to improve your experience with our site.

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The invention relates to a non-immunogenic composition containing factor VIII and a process for their preparation according to the claims.

In the prior art processes for the preparation Behandlungszentren Thrombophlebitis high purity, virusinaktivier ter FVIII products from the blood plasma isolated from the people, be described. EP 0 beschreibt Trennmaterialien zur Fraktionierung von Biopolymeren, Behandlungszentren Thrombophlebitis, die bei der Affinitäts- oder Ionenaustauscher-Chromatographie verwendet werden können.

EP 0, describes separation media for fractionation of biopolymers which can mit Krampfadern tun Sectio used in the affinity or ion exchange chromatography. EP describes the combination of the measures to chromatographic purification, a surfactant treatment of FVIII in an aqueous solution and a heat treatment of the factor VIII preparation in solid state.

The heat treatment is carried out with hot steam in the presence of methanol or ethanol to provide Behandlungszentren Thrombophlebitis proportions. US-Patent 5, beschreibt das Erhitzen von gefriergetrockneten Gerinnungskonzentraten zur Reduzierung der Infektiosität von Viren, falls vor handen. US Patent 5, Behandlungszentren Thrombophlebitis, describes the heating of the freeze-dried clotting concentrates to reduce the infectivity of viruses, if fitted.

In der Zeitschrift "Hemophilia World ; Vol. In the magazine "World Hemophilia ; Vol. Aus dieser Publikation sind in Tabelle 1 Angaben über die Virusinaktivierungsver fahren, mit denen diese Produkte behandelt werden, Behandlungszentren Thrombophlebitis, entnommen und durch europäische Produkte und Hersteller ergänzt, Behandlungszentren Thrombophlebitis.

From this publication, take the Virusinaktivierungsver with which these products are treated, and then supplemented by European products and manufacturers in Table 1 specifications. Das wichtigste Ziel bei der Entwicklung dieser Produkte war die Verbesserung ihrer Sicherheit bezüglich der Virusübertragung.

The most important goal in the development of these products was to improve their safety with regard to the virus transmission. This was achieved by improving the donor screening and the use of new techniques for virus inactivation and purification of FVIII.

The end of the 70s and 80s during the year were sinaktivierungsverfahren for FVIII concentrates developed two of the most important Viru, Behandlungszentren Thrombophlebitis.

Das andere Verfahren beschreibt die Verwendung von Alkylphosphaten, Behandlungszentren Thrombophlebitis. The other method describes the use of alkyl phosphates. The HEAT zen of proteins in solutions in the presence of sugars was determined by the addition of Ca ion-containing salts extended EP 0 The treatment of FVIII-containing plasma fractions with a combination of an alkyl phosphate and a detergent is described in EP 0, This method has proven particularly effective Behandlungszentren Thrombophlebitis the inactivation of enveloped viruses Horowitz MS et al, Lancet,2: However, Behandlungszentren Thrombophlebitis, this virus inactivation Solvent-Detergent SD method is generally not able to inactivate viruses without lipid-containing viral envelope, Behandlungszentren Thrombophlebitis.

As in the manufacture of drugs from plasma from humans, the risk of transmission of infectious agents by screening of donor plasmas can not be excluded, that risk should be further reduced by the use of sinaktivierungsverfahren Viru. This hepatitis A cases had a phased plan German authorities to the effect Pharm Ind ; Dieses Produkt war durch Chromatographie an Glas gereinigt worden und pasteurisiert.

This product was purified by chromatography on glass and pasteurized. Of 47 patients who were treated exclusively with this product, developed a high titre 4 Inhibi tor 40, 90, and Bethesda Units BU. Die Anwendung dieses Produktes wurde aufgrund dieser Befunde beendet. The application of this Behandlungszentren Thrombophlebitis was stopped because of these findings.

The effect of virus inactivation on the structure of proteins Behandlungszentren Thrombophlebitis one of the key issues, and in particular the problem of Inhibito ren. Da es das Ziel der Bemühungen der Reinigung des FVIII aus Plasma ist, diesen von den übrigen Plasmaproteinen zu trennen, sollte die Verwendung von Plasmaproteinen als Stabilisatoren ver mieden werden, Behandlungszentren Thrombophlebitis, da hierdurch die vorhergehenden Bemühungen der Aufreinigung hinfällig werden, Behandlungszentren Thrombophlebitis.

Since it is the aim of the efforts of cleaning the FVIII from plasma Behandlungszentren Thrombophlebitis separate it from the other plasma proteins, the use of plasma proteins as stabilizers should be avoided ver because it makes the previous efforts of purification shall lapse. Accordingly, the hemophiliacs should just get the protein needed by him. The purified FVIII from plasma consists of a mixture of polypeptides having molecular weights between 80 to kDa, representing a number of subunits of a series of heterodimers Kaufmann R.

Thus, the present invention has for its object to provide a new Ver drive to the purification and virus inactivation of factor VIII containing from starting materials, substantially without the use of stabilizers, and a non-immunogenic factor VIII composition prepared noted. Behandlungszentren Thrombophlebitis Aufgabe wird durch die in den Ansprüchen gekennzeichnete Ausführungsform gelöst.

This object is solved by Behandlungszentren Thrombophlebitis embodiment characterized in the claims. The inventive method for preparing a non-immunogenic counteract the highly purified FVIII concentrate from plasma by humans is produced using two different virus inactivation.

Hinzu kommen vorzugsweise virusabreichernde Schritte bei der Herstellung, Behandlungszentren Thrombophlebitis. Added are preferably virusabreichernde steps in the production, Behandlungszentren Thrombophlebitis. In cryoprecipitate virtually all plasma proteins are present, some in enriched form to plasma, Behandlungszentren Thrombophlebitis, in particular the FVIII and fibrinogen, Behandlungszentren Thrombophlebitis. The FVIII inventively produced product does not affect immunogenic and is compared to the initial plasma, for example by about 10 4 times, in particular by the use of chromatographic purification, enriched.

The fibrinogen is present as a non-clottable fibrinogen, that is the Clauss fibrino genbestimmung gives a negative result Clauss A, Acta Haemat The methods that will be used for the production of FVIII concentrates and the inactivation or elimination in the blood plasma occurring viruses that may have an influence on the structure and biological activity of proteins.

A prerequisite of the applicability of FVIII products that they before they are used after the addition of the solvent - norma mally this is a suitable for clinical applications of water water for injection - to dissolve without residue.

Denaturierte Proteine sind in Wasser im wesentlichen unlöslich. Denatured proteins are insoluble in water substantially.

To check the effect of the manufacturing method according to the invention to the structure of the proteins a number of physical and biological tests was performed Kotitschke R et al, Hemostasis, In particular, the effect of heat treatment has been verified to the proteins under the conditions of the manufacturing process according to the invention, since the FVIII extremely storage-unstable and sensitive to the HEAT-is known to act.

A heat treatment of FVIII in a freeze-dried state without any appreciable loss of activity is also known for FVIII products, their specific activity after the production of the plasma is very low eg, Behandlungszentren Thrombophlebitis. From the data listed in the following will be seen that the heated and non-heated FVIII product in the review of the structure and activity showed identical Behandlungszentren Thrombophlebitis Fig.

In order to display on this graph, the columns for the individual parameters in almost comparable size, the individual parameters have been multiplied with either 10 or divided by 10 degrees. The Cryogenic Heat A has a ratio of about 0, Behandlungszentren Thrombophlebitis. Ent scheidend bei dieser Studie ist jedoch der Vergleich des Verhältnisses der erhitz ten und nicht-erhitzten Proben. Diese ist für beide Produkte nahezu gleich und bestätigt damit den relativ geringen Behandlungszentren Thrombophlebitis durch die Hitzebehandlung.

This is Behandlungszentren Thrombophlebitis the same for both products, confirming the relatively low loss of activity by the heat treatment. The impact of the manufacturing process according to the invention on protein structure was determined by the molecular weight distribution and SDS-Polyacryla mid-gel electrophoresis PAGE checks. Arighi et al, Thromb Haemost. Die Anwendungsbeob achtung an sieben Behandlungszentren für Hämophilie A wurde begonnen.

The Anwendungsbeob respectful seven treatment centers for hemophilia A has started 1,th 51 Patienten wurden in diese Anwendungsbeobachtung einbezogen, mit der längsten Beobachtungszeit von 27 Monaten. Bei keinem der 51 Patienten ist ein Inhibitor aufgetreten. None of the 51 patients an inhibitor has occurred, Behandlungszentren Thrombophlebitis. Die Patienten wurden über einen Zeitraum von 4 bis 26 Monaten untersucht, Behandlungszentren Thrombophlebitis, die überwiegende Anzahl über einen Zeitraum von 12 Monaten.

The patients were studied over a period of 4 to 26 months, the vast number over a period of 12 months. Die maximale Anzahl der kumulativen Behandlungstage betrug The maximum number of treatment days was A cumulative day of treatment comprises the FVIII amount was used for the treatment of a bleeding episode. Die "response", "in vivo recovery" und Halbwertszeit wurde mit dem FVIII 1-Stufen-Test und einem chromogenen Substrat an 16 Patienten bestimmt; The "response", "in vivo recovery" and half-life was determined using the FVIII 1-step test, and a chromogenic substrate on 16 patients ; vgl.

Biological half-life and in vivo recovery of 16 hemophilia A patients, Behandlungszentren Thrombophlebitis. The inventive process is illustrated by the following examples.

Production of FVIII from plasma by the person who is not immunogenic Behandlungszentren Thrombophlebitis the substitution to patients. Nine parts of donor venous blood were added to one part of a 3.

Das Blut Behandlungszentren Thrombophlebitis direkt nach der Blutentnahme zentrifugiert und in die in physiologischer Kochsalzlösung aufgeschlemmten Erythrozyten dem Behandlungszentren Thrombophlebitis reinfundiert Plasmapherese. The blood was centrifuged immediately after blood sampling and in the aufgeschlemmten in physiological saline to the donor erythrocyte reinfused plasmapheresis.

Das Plasma wurde spätestens innerhalb von 18 Stunden eingefroren. The plasma was frozen at the latest within 18 hours. Die Plasmen von mehreren Spendern wurden gepoolt gemischt. The plasmas from several donors were pooled mixed. Die Kälteausfällung Kryopräzipitat wurde in an sich bekannter Weise durch Zen trifugation gewonnen, Behandlungszentren Thrombophlebitis.

The cryoprecipitate cryoprecipitate was obtained in a conventional manner by Zen trifugation, Behandlungszentren Thrombophlebitis. The pH of the suspension was adjusted under stirring with 0. Die Mischung wurde auf Zimmertemperatur erwärmt und für 30 Minuten gerührt. The mixture was warmed to room temperature and stirred for 30 minutes, Behandlungszentren Thrombophlebitis.

The pH was adjusted by addition of 0. Der Niederschlag wurde abzentrifugiert und verworfen. The precipitate was centrifuged off and discarded. The supernatant was used for virus inactivation with a mixture of tri n-butyl phosphate TNBP 0. H 2 O gelöst. H 2 O dissolved. The column was washed before application of the protein solution with a buffer of pH 6.

Die Extinktion des Säuleneluates wurde bei nm gemessen. The absorbance of the column eluate was measured at nm. The sterilized FVIII solution was applied to the equilibrated gel and washed with the equilibration buffer until the UV signal had reached the baseline. For removing accompanying proteins, the column was equilibrated with a buffer of increased ionic strength of NaCl 0.

Behandlungszentren Thrombophlebitis FVIII solution Behandlungszentren Thrombophlebitis sterilized by filtration and, 10 ml in the final containers glass bottles 20 ml bottled.

The temperature was measured with the device "Data Trace Micro Pack" from. Direkt nach der Entnahme der Flaschen aus dem Autoklaven wurden sie in einen Kühlraum ca. Die Aufarbeitung des Kryopräzipitates bis zur Ultrafiltration wurde in gleicher Weise wie in Beispiel 1 beschrieben durchgeführt.

The workup of the cryoprecipitate to the ultrafiltration was carried out in the same manner as in Example.

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